Grand Central Market + Union Station Engagement | Los Angeles, CA {Tania + Kevin}

This post makes me giddy. My younger and only sister, Tania is finally getting married this weekend! (Some of  you may have remembered her cooking themed bachelorette shower.) So when she and Kevin thought of having their session at the Grand Central Market in Downtown Los Angeles…I was not surprised one bit.  I say, where there is food, there is love. Little did we know there was a festival going happening that same day on Broadway Street, so it made their session a bit more challenging – dodging the crowds and such. But we made it work. Also with Tania and Kevin, having a more bashful personality – this was probably one of the quickest sessions to date.  Even though Tania is my sister, we wanted her and Kevin to feel comfortable as possible in front of the camera before their big day. So that really was my goal, to show them how painless and fun the process is. And I think we achieved this nicely within a 45 minute period….before Kevin’s train departed. :) The train wasn’t staged!!

Anyway, on behalf of Cameron and myself – we are so thrilled to be present and documenting Tania and Kevin’s special day. Also if you scroll to the end, you will see a sneak peek into their wedding venue too! More to come soon! 

Downtown Los Angeles Engagement | Los Angeles, CA {Rovelynne + David}

Several of days ago we found ourselves once again in Downtown Los Angeles for Rovelynne and David’s engagement session. The great things about shooting in dtLA is how there are always new places for us to shoot at. This time our new discovery was Grand Park. If you know your dtLA geography, the park extends from Grand Avenue to Spring Street (Music Center to City Hall) between Temple and First Streets. Anyway…its a great park with tons of pink benches accenting the green lawns. It was perfect for Rovy and David since pink is one of Rovy’s favorite colors that will be incorporated in to their wedding day!

Rovy and David thank you for a great shoot and we cannot wait for your wedding this August! :)

P.S. Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

Union Station and Olvera Street Engagement | Downtown Los Angeles {Mandee + Mia}

Oh Mandee and Mia! These two are just awesome!! They met at work several of years ago and now they are going to be tying the knot back in Mandee’s home town in Hawaii next May 2013. We had a blast with these two on a fine Saturday morning walking through downtown Los Angeles’ Union Station and Olvera Street. And if we had this much fun with them on an engagement shoot, we cannot wait to see what their Hawaiian wedding will have in store next year. Aloha!!! :)